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For our international clients:

We offer a friendly, efficient and personal service to our clients. We are aware of the problems encountered by foreigners trying to find a suitable place to stay in Ljubljana and we are not Agency who is only interested in renting out a property and getting our commission, then turning our back on both the landlord & tenant. Throughout the tenancy we look after both the landlord and tenant, in our experience if we were in your shoes we would definitely expect the best service and friendly advice. We believe in customer service and place a strong emphasis on it, which is why our customers keep coming back. Try us and you might be surprised, our friendly Staff are here to advise and assist you during your ordeal of moving or renting out a PROPERTY.

Our staff will take you to the viewings
by our air conditioned car.

At our Real Estate Agency there is no inscription fee. Our renting services are gratis for lessors. Viewings (where we take you) are free of charge. When acting as an intermediary at leasing Real Estate, the agent is entitled to a commission in the amount of one month rent plus tax 20 % VAT. The agents gets entitled to the commission only when the contract or preliminary contract is made or when a down payments made four fulfilling the obligations concerning the real estate for which the agent acted as an intermediary.
When acting as an intermediary at purchasing or selling real estate, the agent is entitled to the commission of 4 % of the value in the contract plus taxes 22 % VAT unless the parties agree on a different commission with a contract. When the agent acts as an for both parties (the purchaser and the seller), he/she can claim half of the commission from each of them (2% from the purchaser and 2 % from seller - together 4 %) unless differently agreed on in the contract.

You can telephone us, e-mail us, fax us or simply visit us in to our office based in the heart of Ljubljana. We are here to help you and we look forward to being of service to you.

For immediate service please call
Tel: + 386 (0)1-434 9000
or send a message to PROPERTY Real Estate
E-mail: info@property.si

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